Wool Dryer Balls


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Prepare to have softer clothes, less static, faster dry time and wrinkle crushing power. Made with 100% New Zealand Wool, the balls tumble around in the dryer, pushing your clothing away from each other, absorbing water and making your clothes smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.

For smell good laundry, pair with our dryer ball scenting oils.

By reducing the time it takes to dry, your dryer won’t run as long-saving you some cashola on your electricity bill. Booyah.

Your new dryer balls come in a ball sack of 4.

Guaranteed to last 3 years or 1000 laundry loads; exchange your thin dryer sheets for a new pair of solid balls! Made with 100% real sheep wool from New Zealand, where they treat their sheep better than most humans could ever hope for on the planet.

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