Dirty Dick's is all about removing crap from your life starting with your daily shower routine. Dirty Dick's Soap Company is founded by a Herbalist & Aromatherapist both with mad shower singing skills who grew tired of conventional life pressures. Driven by the insatiable passion to create great soap, this successful dynamic duo are ready once again to grab life by the balls.

Using only vegetable based recipes, organic oils, plant butters, pure essential oils, herbs, spices and science, each ingredient is formulated and handcrafted to produce uniquely specialized filth elixirs and soaps. Each soap batch is carefully curated using aromatic botanicals and fancy earth butters to clean and moisturize your most sensitive parts.  Dirty Dick's soaps are made with purified rain water from the angry shame tears of the almighty Zeus himself. It is said that his tears have the power of virility and Karaoke confidence. We all have a little Dick in us.



Shea Butter: naturally rich in Vitamins A, B, and fatty acids which makes it highly moisturizing and healing

Cocoa Butter: has been known to be used to prevent of stretch marks, treats chapped or burned skin and is commonly used as a universal skin moisturizer for all types of skin.

Avocado Butter: helps to moisturize and soften rough, dry, and cracked skin.

Oat Butter: This soothing blend of rich, silky Oat Oil creates a soothing butter with a smooth texture for those with very dry and flaky skin

Coconut Oil: naturally antibacterial and antifungal, is an excellent moisturizer.

Hemp Oil: Rich source of omega fatty acids. Very nutritious and emollient to the skin! Helps damaged or irritated skin

Vitamin E: Used primarily as a natural preservative, Vitamin E is also healing for damaged skin

Vanilla Pods: Mainly used for decoration and scent, vanilla is one of the most popular aromatic scents that promote calmness and comfort. Also rated #1 by Sexy people.

Rosemary Extract: Used as a preservative and a fragrance enhancer to all our manly man scents

Purified Rain Water:
Void of added city water minerals, water softeners and chemical balancers, water is collected in rain barrels across Ontario and purified. Without talking turkey, purified water makes the best chemical free soap base. May contain naturally occurring celestial magic according to local hippies and cloud wizards.

Other Good Stuff
Bentonite clay: naturally occurring clay from volcanic ash produces a natural lather, softens rough skin and produces a deep clean

Coffee Grounds: exfoliating goodness to remove grime, toxins, dead skin cells and goop. Contains small amounts of caffeine.

Beeswax: We work with a local apiary who carefully collects wax seasonally without the use of sedatives or harmful bee stressers. We manufacture using this wax supplier only and stop making our salves when the wax is no longer available so as not to disrupt our bee buddies.

Honey: Contains enzymes and amino acids that help to soften and allow damaged skin surface areas to rebuild.

Beer: Local craft beer used in soaps not only gives you the finest aromatic memories but also moisturizes, has acne fighting ingredients and strengthens hair follicles.

Cinnamon: Stimulates circulation to the skin and smells like awesome

 Peppermint: This cooling and refreshing essential oil is used in aromatherapy to stimulate the mind, increase mental agility and focus. Peppermint oil has a fresh, sharp, menthol smell and cools the skin.

 Spearmint: Spearmint has a similar aroma to that of peppermint oil, but is slightly sweeter and is often used in aromatherapy when the mind is in need of stimulating and to be uplifted

Lemon: This clean smelling citrus essential oil has a sharp, fresh smell. Lemon is known to improve your concentration, have a sense of general positivity and happiness.

 Lemongrass: Is a fresh smelling oil that can be used with success for tiredness, stress and is commonly used in travel. Lemongrass oil has a lemony, sweet and earthy smell.

Tea Tree Oil has wonderful healing properties. It has a light spicy, rather pungent smell  and has been known to treat tropical infections and infected wounds due to its’ antibacterial properties.

 Rosemary: This crisp and clean smelling essential oil is great for stimulating the brain, improving memory and mental clarity. It has a powerful refreshing herbal smell.

Patchouli: Great for fighting depression and anxiety, Patchouli oil has a rich musky-sweet, strong spicy and herbaceous smell.
Sandalwood assists the skin in promoting hydration and moisture. The oil has a woody, exotic smell which is subtle and lingers.

Cardamom is sweet, spicy and almost balsamic in fragrance. When feeling weak and mentally fatigued, cardamom oil can help with its refreshing and uplifting effect.

Tobacco Flower is a rare, captivating oil cultivated in from the emboldened leaves of the tobacco plant. Rich and earthy, with undeniable hints of leathery tobacco and jasmine scent.

Vanilla has a rich, sweet and distinct scent. Vanilla oil is used as a flavoring agent in pharmaceutical products, in food and in tobacco.

Cedar: This clean smelling, balsamic oil has a soft, woody and "pencil-like" smell often used with other woodsy fragrances.

Cypress: This clear and fresh smelling essential oil restores calm and sooths anger. Cypress oil has a woody, slightly spicy and refreshing masculine smell.

Eucalyptus: In aromatherapy, this essential oil helps to clear the mind and focus concentration,. Eucalyptus has a clear, sharp, fresh and very distinctive smell.
Pine is useful to relieve mental and physical fatigue. Pine oil has a fresh forest smell.

*Dirty Dick’s Soap Company Ltd. makes no medical claim on any product or ingredients. We do however, proclaim that we use the above ingredients with no added crap.